• Level 2 Mid Level
  • The Goal 7 Figure business
  • Course Length 8 Weeks
  • Course Format Online
  • What is it?

    Uplevel Consulting is a 8-week online course with live Q&A calls and a community of successful entrepreneurs. The course shows you how to scale using systems.

  • Who is it for?

    Uplevel Consulting is for people who already have an established business with customers, but want to scale to 7-figures with predictable systems, automation, lean team and PPC ads.

  • Where does it happen?

    The Uplevel Consulting course is online and consists of training videos, tools, templates, live Q&A calls and a Facebook community. You complete it online, on your own time.

  • How does it work?

    You watch the videos, complete the action items, use the provided tools and templates. Ask questions in the Fb group or on the live Q&A calls, follow the process, get results.

  • When does it start?

    Because Uplevel is an online course, it starts the moment you enroll. You can complete it in your own time and work through it as fast or slow as you wish. You get lifetime access.

  • Why does it exist?

    We created Uplevel because most established businesses are clueless when it comes to scaling, hiring/managing a team and making things predictable, consistent and systemized.

Here's how it works

To scale a business and change your life, content is not enough, you need an immersive environment. Uplevel Consulting provides proven process, mental reprogramming, community and expert mentorship.
  • Proven Process

    We turned the guesswork of starting/growing a business into a science. Follow practical step- by-step instructions that are proven to work and track your progress using reliable metrics.

  • Mental Reprogramming

    We invented a new way to think about and view the world we live in. Discover who you are, interests, biases, habits, behavior patterns. Reprogram your brain for high performance.

  • Entrepreneur Community

    It's hard to change your life surrounded by the same people. Join an active community of entrepreneurs, collaborate, get help, practice sales calls, make friends and have fun.

  • Expert mentorship

    No matter how good the training is, you'll always have questions. Get 24/7 access to millionaire experts in our Facebook group, weekly livestream Q&A's and email.

Battle tested and proven results

Does Uplevel Consulting work? There's only one way to find out, by seeing whether our students actually succeeded in the real world. Here's the numbers to date (we're just getting started).

  • 20,000

    Active students

  • $690m

    Revenue earned by students

  • 52

    Millionaire students

4.9 Stars from 3,787 customer reviews 22% of reviews include the word "love"

Uplevel Consulting course content

In just 8-weeks , we'll help you scale your business and turn it into a machine, here's how.

52 Modules
  • Week One - Mapping Your MVC
    6 Modules
    • 1. The road that lays ahead

      A full overview of the program and the core parts we focus on to get results. This video is extremely important to understand the road ahead. 

      Here's what we cover: 

      • Our main purpose and objective — “Consulting Nirvana”
      • General housekeeping
      • Important things to remember going into this
      • Overview of what this program is about and what we’re going to cover
      • The key differences between Uplevel and Accelerator
      • The math to $100,000 /month with the “new model” of consulting
    • 2. Fundamentals first

      In this module we take a look at the anatomy of a consulting business and the difference components that come together to form the overall system. If you build a beautiful $10 million dollar house on top of sand, it's going to collapse. The same is true in business. You must have solid foundations if you want to build a $100k /month consulting business and that's exactly what this module is about. 

      Here's what we cover: 

      • The anatomy of a consulting business
      • Getting clear on your transformation
      • Getting clear on your niche, offer and result
      • Getting clear on your message
      • Getting clear on your point of difference
    • 3. Switching to the new model

      In this video we discuss the new model of consulting and how it differs from the traditional model. We get to work determining your proof of concept -- something that is essential to shift your business to the new model. 

      Here's what we cover: 

      • What is the “new model” of consulting?
      • The differences between the old model and the new model
      • Group coaching and online course structures
      • Why you should start with a “hybrid model” program
      • What a proof of concept is and why you need one 
      • Getting clear on your proof of concept and workflows
    • 4. Mapping your mvc

      In this module we show you how to build a minimum viable course -- The most simple, lightweight course possible so that we can get our clients their desired transformation without having to spend six months creating content or overwhelming our students with a ton of work. 

      Here's what we cover: 

      • What is a minimum viable course?
      • Analyzing your proof of concept and workflows
      • Chunking the workflows into weeks
      • Chunking the weeks into modules
      • Chunking the modules into points
      • Identifying the crucial action items for each week
    • 5. Crafting your offer

      In this module we bring everything from week one together to form your offer -- the proposition that you make to people when trying to persuade them to invest in your program. We show you how to tie together all the different worksheets and research components from week one and set a high-ticket price that' you're comfortable with. This is a crucial module! 

      Here's what we cover:

      • Crafting your offer and bringing it all together
      • Pricing your offer on value
      • The big mistake — Thinking your program is different and less worthy
      • Why we sell it before we build it
      • The power of natural selection and how we use it to our advantage
    • 6. 7-figure mindset

      Who you are right now, you're not going to be the same person when you're making 7 figures. That's just the way it works. It's not just information. It's an actual transformation in who you are and how you think. This module shows you how to transform into the 2.0 version of yourself.

      Here's what we cover: 

      • The mirror & how it works
      • How you do one thing is how you do everything
      • Designing your dream life worksheet
    • Action items
      11 items
    • Questions
      2 live Q&A Calls
  • Week Two - Sell Before Build
    6 Modules
    • 1. Sell before build

      Our plan in week two is to sell at least one person into our program before we build it, before we make a single slide. In this video I explain why we follow this strategy and how we execute it from a 30,000' view. 

      Here's what we cover: 

      • Why it's mandatory to sell it before building it
      • The 30,000 foot view of how we do it - The process
      • The only things you need to sell your MVC
      • Keeping it simple and being receptive to feedback 
    • 2. How we get clients

      In this module I'm going to show you the exact methods that we use to get our first few customers quickly and for free without spending any money on ads. 

      Here's what we cover: 

      • How we convert strangers to paying clients
      • Setting up your website
      • Setting up your value video and funnel
      • Setting up your personal Facebook profile
      • Setting up your personal Linkedin profile
      • Accepting credit card payments
    • 3. New age attraction

      In this module, I'm going to show you exactly how we actually implement our organic attraction strategy. 

      Here's what we cover: 

      • New-Age-Attraction - How we use it to get clients quickly and for free
      • Blocking out 1-2 hours everyday so that you can execute on the "Four Power Activities"
      • Hunting - Growing your social network on Facebook and Linkedin
      • Advancing - Starting conversations and generating appointments
      • Farming - Stimulating your network with useful content
      • Closing - Doing strategy sessions and signing up clients 
    • 4. Scientific selling
      In this module I'm going to show you how we take someone from a complete stranger who's never heard of us before, to a paying client in one of our programs with one phone call. It doesn't matter if you know nothing about sales, you have no previous sales experience, you're an introvert or you're awkward talking to people. This training is going to show you the art and the science of sales.

      Here's what we cover:

      • What is the Alchemy of client conversion and why is it important?
      • The science behind converting a total stranger into a high paying client
      • Important things to know about sales that nobody else is doing
      • The Alchemic conversion script
      • Handling objections

    • 5. Crafting your script

      In this training video today, I'm going to show you how to take the alchemic conversion script, the script which we've provided to you in this training program and assure you how to take that and how to really turn it into your own and master your strategy sessions. 

      Here's what we cover: 

      • Why crafting your script and making it your own is extremely important
      • The scientific method: Hypothesis, action, results, feedback
      • The step by step process for adjusting the script
      • Recording your sales calls and storing them for feedback
      • Action items and the iterative process used to evolve your perfect script
    • 6. Action and iteration

      In this video, I'm basically going to show you how, at this stage, the only thing you need to do is act by generating strategy sessions and doing strategy sessions.

      Here's what we cover: 

      • Action and Iteration - The only thing that matter right now
      • Tracking your strategy session performance and knowing your numbers
      • Plotting your attack for the next 30 days using our "War Map Calendar"
      • Sticking to the plan with monk like discipline 
      • Collecting feedback and iterating everything until you get clients 
    • Action items
      14 items
    • Questions
      2 live Q&A Calls
  • Week Three - Building Version One
    5 Modules
    • 1. Anatomy of a program

      Welcome to week three, module one, and this one is called Anatomy of a Program. So throughout week three, we're going to be building version one of your program, where at this stage, you should have got at least one customer, hopefully more, but one will do. And now it's time to actually turn it into a real life program that your customers can through, implement and get results. 

      Here's what we cover: 

      • An overview of what we're doing in week 3
      • The key components of a program
      • Guiding principles to remember when building 
      • Beware of perfectionism - Build lean, mean and scrappy
      • Talking to community members to help extract information 
    • 2. It's all about systems

      Welcome to module number two of week three in the Uplevel program, and this one is called, it's all about systems. In this module I'm going to show you how to think, how to really become a systems thinker, because that is really the secret and the magic behind creating amazing programs.

      Here's what we cover: 

      • Systems Thinking - The secret to creating great training programs
      • Understanding the nature of your system
      • Mapping your system in Trello
      • How to structure and order your program effectively 
      • The devastating importance of week one 
      • Gathering "raw materials" and adding flesh to the bone
    • 3. Creating the content

      In this module, we're going to dive in and show you how to take your trello skeleton and start creating the slides, videos, and really start creating the content for version one of your program. 

      Here's what we cover: 

      • Allocating time and getting deep into the zone
      • The method/process we use to create content
      • Pick an enemy and polarize them
      • Secrets to creating amazing content
      • Slide templates and other tools we use
      • Getting it done
    • 4. Portal and community

      In this module I'm going to show you how to set up your content portal and add the videos and other files we've created in the previous trainings. 

      Here's what we cover: 

      • Portal and Community: The heart and eyes of your program
      • What makes a great content portal?
      • Setting up your content portal
      • What makes a great customer community?
      • Setting up your customer community 

    • 5. Program operations

      Welcome to the final module of week three of the Uplevel program. This one is called, Program Operations. And in this video, I'm going to show you how to run the day-to-day operations of your consulting business when you sell online training programs.

      Here's what we cover: 

      • Program operations - What they are and why they're important
      • New client onboarding process
      • Weekly Q&A calls
      • The Facebook group
      • Customer support
      • Collecting feedback for future improvements 
    • Action items
      13 items
    • Questions
      2 live Q&A Calls
  • Week Four - 6 Rapid Promo Strategies
    4 Modules
    • 1. The art of war

      Welcome to week four of the Uplevel Consulting Program. In this week we're going to cover six rapid promotional strategies. Basically six things that you can use to attract clients, and schedule strategy sessions with them and make money. 

      Here's what we cover:

      • An overview of what we're doing in week 4
      • The fatal mistake of trying to do everything at once
      • The evolution of a promotional war machine
      • Moving the needle by focusing on growth not fame
      • Firing on all cylinders: The cumulative effect of multi-channel
    • 2. Organic attraction methods

      Welcome to this training module called, Organic Attraction Methods. In this module, I'm basically going to show you what organic attraction methods are and why we use them. Then I'm going to show you four specific organic attraction methods that we use to generate strategy sessions effectively and land new clients.

      Here's what we cover: 

      • New-age attraction method - Building your network using Facebook and Linkedin
      • List farming method - Emailing your list with content, updates, and offers
      • Live webinar method - Emailing your list to register/attend live webinars
      • JV webinar method - Partnering to reach influencers audiences via live webinars 
    • 3. Paid attraction methods

      Welcome to this module called Paid Attraction Methods which we'll be covering three of our methods that we use to convert paid traffic into clients. Also, there's one funnel I'm going to introduce you to which shows you how to convert traffic into customers without using a strategy session.

      Here's what we cover:

      • What paid attraction methods are and why we use them
      • The "VSL Funnel" driven with Facebook ads
      • The "JIT" webinar funnel driven with Facebook ads
      • The "2K automated funnel" drive with Facebook ads
      • Bringing it all together and taking action 
    • 4. Cross-pollinating promotions

      Welcome to this final module in week four called Cross-pollinating Promotions. In this module, I'm going to show you how we're going to take all of the promotional strategies that we have covered in week four and create a web to touch people on multiple different channels and multiple different platforms.

      Here's what we cover:

      • What a "platform" is and why it's your greatest asset in business
      • Growing your platform with small deliberate efforts everyday
      • How to grow your platform by "cross-pollinating" networks
      • Bringing all of our client attraction methods together into one cohesive plan
      • A winning formula I recommend when it comes to mixing promotions 
      • Planning your promotions for the next 30 days and then executing violently 
    • Action items
      8 items
    • Questions
      2 live Q&A Calls
  • Week Five - Three Proven Conversion Funnels
    7 Modules
    • 1. Assembling the machines

      Welcome to week five of the Uplevel Consulting program. In this module, we're going to talk about assembling the machines. And what I mean by the machines is our three proven funnels. In week five, we're going to drill down into the details and show you step by step, click by click, exactly how these funnels work. So let's jump into it.

      Here's what we cover: 

      • An overview of our three funnels and what we're doing in week five
      • Building the funnels in the right order/evolution
      • The components of each funnel: The overview, math, pages, and automation
      • The tools we use to create the funnels and why 
    • 2. VSL overview & math

      Welcome to this module, called The VSL Overview & Math. In this video, we're going to cover the high level view of the VSL funnel, how it works, and all of the different parts that make it up. We're also going to cover the fundamental math that makes it work, and that allows us to use this funnel to buy Facebook ads, and turn those ads into paying clients at a profit.

      Here's what we cover:

      • The VSL funnel - What it is and why we use it
      • The VSL funnel - A high-level view of how it works
      • The VSL funnel - The fundamental math that drives it
      • The VSL funnel - Measuring and tracking performance 
      • The VSL funnel - Troubleshooting issues 
    • 3. VSL pages & automation

      Welcome to this module called VSL Pages & Automation. In this module, I'm going to show you how to set up the landing pages and marketing automation for the VSL funnel.  I'm going to show you with step-by-step detailed instructions how to do this in both ActiveCampaign and Infusionsoft. 

      Here's what we cover:

      • How to install your VSL pages and automation
      • VSL - Funnel setup with ActiveCampaign
      • VSL - Funnel setup with Infusionsoft
      • VSL - Automation setup with ActiveCampaign
      • VSL - Automation setup with Infusionsoft 
    • 4. JIT overview & math

      Welcome to this module called JIT Overview and Math. In this module, I'm going to show you the fundamental math that drives the JIT funnel, how you can track the math, and then finally, I'm going to show you how to troubleshoot issues with the JIT funnel.

      Here's what we cover:

      • The JIT funnel - What it is and why we use it
      • The JIT funnel - A high-level of how it works
      • The JIT funnel - The fundamental math that drives it
      • The JIT funnel - Measuring and tracking performance 
      • The JIT funnel - Troubleshooting issues 
    • 5. JIT pages & automation

      Hey everyone, Sam Ovens here and welcome to this training module called JIT Pages and Automation. In this training module, I'm going to show you exactly how to set up your JIT webinar funnel and sophisticated marketing automation for both ActiveCampaign and Infusionsoft.

      Here's what we cover:

      • How to install your JIT pages and automation
      • JIT — Funnel setup with ActiveCampaign
      • JIT — Funnel setup with Infusionsoft
      • JIT — Automation setup with ActiveCampaign
      • JIT — Automation setup with Infusionsoft
    • 6. 2KA overview & math

      Hi everyone, Sam Ovens here. Welcome to this training module called the 2KA Overview and Math. Now the 2KA that's an acronym, abbreviation for the $2K Automated Webinar Funnel. In this video I'm going to show you the overview of that funnel, and then we're going to drill down into the specific components like all the different pages, the webinar, and the different pieces that ties it all together. 

      Here's what we cover: 

      • The 2KA Funnel - What it is and why we use it
      • The 2KA Funnel - A high level view of how it works 
      • The 2KA Funnel - The fundamental math that drives it
      • The 2KA Funnel - Measuring and tracking performance
      • The 2KA Funnel - Troubleshooting issues 
    • 7. 2KA pages & automation

      Hey everyone, Sam Ovens here and welcome to this training module called 2KA Pages and Automation. In this training module, I'm going to show you exactly how to set up your $2k automated webinar funnel and "God mode" level marketing automation for both ActiveCampaign and Infusionsoft.

      Here's what we cover:

      • How to install your 2KA pages and automation
      • 2KA — Funnel setup with ActiveCampaign
      • 2KA — Funnel setup with Infusionsoft
      • 2KA — Automation setup with ActiveCampaign
      • 2KA — Automation setup with Infusionsoft
    • Action items
      8 items
    • Questions
      2 live Q&A Calls
  • Week Six - Facebook Ads Unleashed
    10 Modules
    • 1. Facebook gameplan

      In this module, I'm going to give you a brief overview of everything that we'll be doing in week six. I'm going to show you how Facebook ads work at a high level and how we use them with our three proven funnels. Then I'm going to show you the KPIs give you an overview of everything we're going to do here in week six.

      Here's what we cover: 

      • How we use Facebook ads to get clients
      • How Facebook ads differs with our three funnels
      • Essential Facebook and funnel KPI’s
      • Scientific method — our process to find the winning formula
      • How week six works and how to work through this process
    • 2. Setting the foundations

      Welcome to the second module in week 6. This one is called Setting the Foundations and in this training, I'm going to show you how to really play by Facebook's rules because when you use the Facebook platform, you really have to understand and abide by their rules so that you don't get banned and don't have any issues with them. And the truth is, when you do things properly and you set things up correctly from day one, you'll never have issues. Let's get started. 

      Here's what we cover: 

      • The rules for the Facebook game - Checklist for ad account survival
      • Setting up your website, terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc.
      • Setting up your business manager, ad account and fanpage
    • 3. Your ad hypothesis

      In this module I show you how to create killer Facebook ads that cut through the noise and grab your target market by the throat. If you've ever wanted to know the chemistry, art and science of Fb ads, this is it.

      Here's what we cover: 

      • Scientific method — Our approach to creating successful Fb campaigns
      • DNA components of a successful Facebook campaign
      • Extracting the DNA pattern from your proof of concept
      • How to survive in Facebook’s natural selection machine
      • The basics of copywriting and direct response
      • Creating five angles with four images each
    • 4. Your audience hypothesis

      In this module I show you how to come up with your "audience hypothesis", which is your best educated guess about how to target your niche online through Facebook ads.

      Here's what we cover: 

      • Quick recap on our scientific method and how this relates to Fb audiences
      • Extracting the DNA pattern from your proof of concept
      • Brainstorming audience ideas and defining your “tower of babel”
      • Finding 30 audiences with affinity to babel
    • 5. Tracking and conversions

      In this module we show you how to track your Facebook ads performance in forensic detail so you have reliable data and KPI's you're willing to bet boldly on. 

      Here's what we cover: 

      • How to navigate the stormy seas of Facebook with the “Polaris star”
      • Our tracking stack — The tools we use to get clean data and KPI’s
      • Step one — Setting up Google tag manager (VSL, JIT, 2KA)
      • Step two — Setting up Fb custom conversions (VSL, JIT, 2KA)
      • Step three — Checking and testing everything (VSL, JIT, 2KA)
    • 6. Going live

      In this module we show you how to launch your Facebook ads campaign by combining together your "ad hypothesis" and your "audience hypothesis". You'll launch your campaign, test it and make sure we get some initial signs of life.

      Here's what we cover: 

      • The hierarchy of a successful Facebook campaign
      • Creating your ad templates: 5x angles with 4x images each
      • Creating your audience templates: 30x audience interests
      • Launching your campaign
      • Checking for signs of campaign life
    • 7. Daily workflow

      In this module we show you how our "daily workflow" process for managing Facebook ads. You'll learn the exact step-by-step process Sam uses for managing millions of dollars in facebook ads.

      Here's what we cover: 

      • Daily Facebook ads workflow
      • Step One: Reporting on “real” Facebook and funnel metrics
      • Step Two: Culling “losing” adsets
      • Step Three: Propagating “winning” adsets
      • Step Four: Sandboxing new ad/audience variations
      • The disciplines of Facebook ads mastery
      • Troubleshooting non-performance
    • 8. Retargeting

      In this module we show you how to setup the ultimate retargeting machine so that you appear everywhere and become "omnipresent" to your market. From campaign structures, audiences, bidding strategies and creative on both Facebook and Adwords, this is next-level retargeting!

      Here's what we cover: 

      • What retargeting is and why we use it
      • VSL funnel retargeting strategy
      • JIT funnel retargeting strategy
      • 2KA funnel retargeting strategy
      • Setting up retargeting on Facebook Ads
      • Setting up retargeting on Google Adwords
    • 9. Horizontal scaling

      In this module I show you how to scale your Facebook ads without increasing costs and experiencing diminishing returns. To do this we use "horizontal scaling", where we decentralize and distribute spend across 8 different dimensions. This will blow your mind!

      Here's what we cover: 

      • What is horizontal scaling and how does it work?
      • Method #1 — Duplicating adsets at max budgets
      • Method #2 — New audience interests
      • Method #3 — Creating lookalike audiences
      • Method #4 — Creating new ad variations
      • Method #5 — Creating new ad angles
      • Method #6 — Targeting additional countries
      • Method #7 — Scaling retargeting campaigns
      • Method #8 — Decentralized architecture
    • 10. Ninja shit

      In this module we take things to the absolute extreme... True ninja shit!

      If you want to truly dominate Facebook ads, you must understand the nature of the machine and how it "thinks". We show you the heuristics, biases and tendencies of the algorithm and how to play to these so that you can get an edge. (this will blow your mind).

      Here's what we cover: 

      • Inside the mind of the Facebook machine
      • Playing with the “extremes”
      • Engagement bias
      • Lexical sentiment bias
      • Graphical sentiment bias
      • Financial bias
      • Consistency momentum bias
      • Next level tracking
      • Inside man advantage
    • Action items
      12 items
    • Questions
      2 live Q&A Calls
  • Week Seven - Developing Your 8-Figure Mindset
    5 Modules
    • 1. Vision, mission and principles

      In this module we show you how to take your mindset to the next level by focusing on changing the world. Unsuccessful people can't change the world, themself or their situation. Successful people can change themself and their situation, but not the world. The greatest masters of all time change everything. This module shows you how!

      Here's what we cover:

      • Creating your own world
      • Why vision, mission and principles guide behavior
      • Setting your vision: Defining the future you want
      • Setting your mission: Defining how you’ll get there
      • Setting your principles: Defining your philosophy
      • Relentless belief and execution to see it through
    • 2. Understanding thyself

      In this module we show you why "self awareness" is crucial for success and how you can gain self awareness by understanding your psychology, interests, behavior patterns, etc. We show you how to understand your current self and then design and grow into a "new self" that's capable of achieving your vision and mission.

      Here's what we cover:

      • Who are you? Understanding the nature of yourself
      • Taking a baseline of yourself
      • Psychology: Understanding your mental biases
      • Interests: Understanding your hearts desires
      • Behavior: Understanding your activity patterns
      • Defining and then becoming the “new you”
    • 3. Monk like discipline

      In this module we show you why self-discipline and self-control are at the heart of high performance and success. Average people never work hard, good people work hard when they're motivated, winners work hard regardless of anything. Winners are fueled by discipline, not motivation. This module show's you how!

      Here's what we cover:

      • Why success is the sum of your human will
      • Discipline: The tool of the masters
      • Sacrifice: Giving everything to win
      • Focus: Channeling energy into the grid
      • Consistency: Unwavering commitment to your goal
      • Systems and tools to stay on the rails
    • 4. Idiosyncratic thinking

      In this module we show you how to think differently. Normal thinking gets normal results and wild success in business is not a normal result, therefore, it requires abnormal "idiosyncratic" thinking. This module teaches you how to weave together a latticework of mental models to form your unique world view and take your mindset to the next level.

      • Why normal gets nothing and nothing is true
      • Why masters reinvent the rules of the game
      • Forming your “Unified Field Theory”
      • Weapon #1 — Critical thinking
      • Weapon #2 — First principles thinking
      • Weapon #3 — Scientific method
      • Weapon #4 — Strange latticework
    • 5. Systemizing life

      In this module we show you how to design the way you live and work instead of leaving it up to chance. Success is a result of deliberate action taken everyday consistently over long periods of time, to achieve this, we must systemize our life. This video shows you how!

      • Systemizing life: Architecting the way you live and work
      • Environment: Designing for optimal defaults
      • Routines: Ingraining automatic excellence
      • Delegating: Hiring people to handle type 1 waste
      • Standardizing: Creating protocols of operation
      • Decisions: Maximizing your decision half-life
      • Execution: Throughput, tracking and optimization
    • Action items
      12 items
    • Questions
      2 live Q&A Calls
  • Week Eight - Hiring Your All-Star Team
    9 Modules
    • 1. Self-replicating talent machine
      A's hire A's and B's hire C's. If you have a team of B's, you're dead. Talent, team, and culture are the most important things in business once you've got a proof of concept. Intelligence, passion, standards, values, beliefs, behavior — all these things permeate from the initial few hires to every future hire to come. You MUST get talent and culture right.

      Here's what we cover:

      • Building a “real company”
      • The herd effect
      • Culture > strategy
      • Hire when it hurts
      • Knowledge workers VS Routine workers
      • Self-replicating talent machine
    • 2. Stages of team evolution

      Hiring and managing a team involves many decisions, it’s overwhelming, where to begin? Virtual or office, contractors or employees, how much salary, stock options, benefits, management, hiring, payroll, onboarding, training, performance. This module brings clarity to the chaos of hiring and managing a team by breaking the journey out into stages.

      Here's what we cover:

      • Virtual or office?
      • Contractors or employees?
      • The stages of team evolution
      • Stage 1: Part-time virtual contractors
      • Stage 2: Full-time virtual contractors
      • Stage 3: Full-time office generalists
      • Stage 4: Full-time office specialists
      • Stage 5: Full-time office geniuses
    • 3. Employer brand and culture

      Culture eats strategy for breakfast — It’s what people do when nobodies looking, the reality, not the perception. If you mess up culture, even the best strategy, and stacks of cash will not be enough to win. Culture is the main thing. It's everything. This module shows you how to get it right! 

      Here's what we cover:

      • Coming of age: Employer brand and culture
      • Why would anybody work for you?
      • What does your company even do?
      • Defining your mission, culture, and values
      • Components of a winning culture
      • Creating an attractive “employee offer”
      • Structure: Growing an organism, not a pyramid
    • 4. Systems, tools, and workflow

      How to assemble a "talent acquisition machine" — an end-to-end system for attracting, interviewing, processing, and hiring talented employees. Think of it as a marketing funnel, but for efficiently hiring employees.

      Here's what we cover:

      • Hiring is all about traffic, conversion, and efficiency
      • Components of a talent acquisition machine
      • Stages of machine evolution
      • Stage 1 — Customers + Landing page, Trello, Calendly
      • Stage 2 — Community + Workable ATS, Calendly
      • Stage 3 — Recruiters + Lever ATS
      • Continuous improvement and iteration
    • 5. Hiring/managing sales reps
      Client acquisition is the major artery inside your business. It pumps cashflow throughout the system and provides you with the resources necessary for expansion. Up until this point, you've been the main worker keeping the blood flowing and the prospects converting. To scale moving forward, you'll need to assemble an exceptional team of talented sales reps. 

      Here's what we cover:

      • When you should hire your first sales rep
      • The criteria that makes up an exceptional sales rep
      • Where to find these reps
      • How to attract and book appointments with potential reps
      • Proven interviewing process
      • Training, shadowing, ramp-up & on-going management
    • Action items
      10 items
    • Questions
      2 live Q&A Calls

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