4 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Other
  • Location: Nyborg, Bergen, Norway
  • Consulting Accelerator

Erik has found a lot of good information inside Consulting Accelerator. He also enjoys the Consulting Community and the community of support that is provided. He really recommend the program.


Hi. Eric Natham from Norway. Knowledge is key to master everything in life. Who better to learn from than someone who mastered a skill you already are looking for? That's why I joined Sam's course. I've yet completed the accelerator consulting course but so far it's been good. There's been some really good knowledge. Some really golden nuggets of knowledge in there. It's well-structured so I enjoy doing the program. In addition, the program is good itself but it also has a really good community that is very supportive. There's people that are really helpful. If you shout out a question or something that you find difficult they will help you and maybe tell a little bit about their own successes and how they have handled these situations. All of this is very motivating. You really want to complete the program when you see how well it works. Yeah, I can really recommend this to anyone who is looking for this knowledge, looking to consulting and maybe want to try it out. Why not join this program? Here you have everything you need to know.