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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Digital Marketing
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

"Michelle runs a digital marketing and branding boutique studio. With a focus on video launching. Before Accelerator there was a limit on the amount she could close. The mindset training really spoke to her. One section Sam says ""On average the amount of sales you close will be based on the amount you're willing to invest in yourself."" She took that to heart. Michelle was able to start thinking a lot bigger. She now is able to offer more robust and larger packages to her clients. "


Hey, it's Michelle Lang from M Line Media. I run a digital marketing and branding boutique studio, with a focus on video marketing and doing online launches. Before working with Sam, our company was primarily focused on video launches and messaging. The challenge I was having was I was really finding that the upper limit on the contracts I could close was at about 5,500. It was very, very rare that I closed any number higher than that. It was so interesting because one of the most powerful aspects of Sam's program was the part about mindset. He said that, on average, the amount of sales you're closing is usually going to be reflective of the amount that you're going to invest in yourself. I thought about it. It was completely true. I really took it to heart. I started investing more and more in my business. There were quite a few things that happened during the course of Sam's program. The first thing is, his mindset work is amazing. That is as valuable as the course itself, if not more. It just opened me up to a much bigger vision of what was possible and got me to start thinking a lot bigger. Also, the whole digital marketing community really opened me up to a lot of ideas for how to expand our offerings. As a result of that, we are also able to put together much larger robust packages that can better serve our clients and get them results. What happened, really just only a couple months into the program, I closed a $10,000 sale, then another. Last month, we closed a $20,000 marketing contract. In addition to that, closed several other contracts and had our highest revenue month yet. We're positioned to close a six figure contract. Thank you so much, Sam. Awesome course. Highly recommend. If you can do it, go for it.