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  • Location: Stevens Point, WI, United States
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This video testimonial from Brian is a must watch.


Hi. My name is Brian Toelle from Steven's Point, Wisconsin, and I'm here to talk about the impact Sam Ovens has made on my life. I've been working with Sam a little bit more than a year and was fortunate enough to actually meet him in person. He had a meeting in Madison, Wisconsin, so I was able to meet him before I actually became a client of his. Really, just about a month after we're working together. I'm going through the program, and I love to exercise. I love to do crossfit. I was in a competition right before that. I had fairly routine doctors appointment with a cardiologist. They asked to do an echocardiogram before I actually meet him. It was kind of a new cardiologist that I met with for the first time. You know, i'm joking around with the technician and just kind of, she's doing her thing and scraping on me and stuff like that and reading and all of a sudden she's like, "Hey, I want to get a closer look." Well, that's never good news. Injected me with some dye. Long story short, get that done. Doctor comes in, "Hey, are you out of breath walking in from the parking lot?" "No." "Can you walk upstairs?" "Yes." So he proceeds to tell me that basically my heart's not functioning very well and that I am at risk for sudden cardiac death. The left chamber was only functioning at 23%. I'm like, "Well, what does that mean?" He goes, "Well, anybody below 35% is at risk to die suddenly. What are you doing the next couple days? We gotta get you fitted for a life vest. You gotta run a whole bunch a more tests." Obviously, that was a shock and obviously life-altering. So I had to wear this life vest which is basically a defibrillator like you see when they bring people back to life. They get to wear it 24 hours a day. So I let Sam know. "Sam, still working on everything. I have not been feeling well the past few weeks and had some tests done today. Unfortunately I have some major heart problems that need some attention. I know I've been with you a month. I hope you can stick with me so I can get this rolling. If my time is short, I need to get this going so my family is financially in a better position. Sam responds right away, "Hi Brian. Sorry to hear about that, but it's important that you keep the right mindset right now. Never say things like, 'if my time is short.' Only ever assume the best and I'm sure you will be fine and get through this. I'm here to help you out with the business stuff, so don't worry about that." That email turned out to be one of the most important messages that I received. I received hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of texts, phone calls, messages. Not one of the emails really challenged me to have the right mindset. They said things like, "Hand in there. I'm praying for you. I hope for the best." Well intented type wishes, but it wouldn't help me get through what I had to get through. Even when I sent that email to him, "Hey, I haven't been feeling well the past few weeks." You know what? That was bull crap. I felt fine. So even in a couple of hours I had my mind convinced that I hadn't been feeling well just because everybody told me I wasn't. The next few months were tons of doctor visits. I get to go to this clinic. I actually called the heart failure clinic. So a very positive place to be. What that email triggered was, I was gonna basically not except. I would challenge the doctors and the nurses, "Hey, it's your job to get me back to better, or where I was or better than I was before all this happened." Quite frankly for four months I didn't get one stitch of good news, really to have any hope. My odds of living through this whole thing were slim to none. Four months later, I have the test, was convinced I was better, and I remember telling the technician that I don't want to hear anything other than I'm 40%, which means I'm doing pretty good. My heart restored a total of 43%, and I'm back to crossfit now. In fact, here's a picture of me the next day. The guy next to me is my crossfit coach. He's a crazy guy, but he pushes me. So that's a great thing. What he's teaching on the mindset, on the expectations, all these other things are way more than the money stuff. It was interesting. After I overcame that Sam said, "Hey, getting you to six figures a month is way easier than what you've already overcome." So let's fast forward to talk about business a little bit. This year 2017 I set the goal to be a seven figure guy. Right now I work as a MNA advisor, offer consulting with it as well, but I have letter of intent that are already signed that if everything closes, I will be close to seven figures half way through the year. So believe in it. None of this would have been possible, so I highly recommend getting involved with Sam and his group. Pay attention to the mindset. Follow what he's teaching, and it can be life changing. In fact, like with me, it can be life altering and change the whole direction of your life. Thank you.