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  • Level: 7 Figures
  • Niche: Digital Marketers
  • Location: Seminole, FL, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Joshua was looking for a predictable way to get new clients. After working with Sam he learned a ton of information to put great fundamentals in place, move his family into their dream home, and has scaled his business into the 7-figures.


Hey, guys. Josh Harris here. I just want to drop a quick note here to my good friend, Sam Ovens. So when I first started my business, I really struggled a lot, because there is a lot of elements around building the business that I didn't quite understand, and when I first saw Sam, what he did was, he spoke to what my clear problem was, which was not having predictable ways in place to get customers into my marketing business. And I could tell right away that he understood my problem based on how he described it, and so when I started working with Sam, he added some really, really great clarity to the way I structured my business and to focus more on sales and marketing as opposed to just kind of waiting for things to happen or putting out random acts of marketing. And so after working with Sam, I really got some great fundamentals in place, and the last year, my business has really taken off, and so now, here I am in Florida. We've actually just signed a new lease, and so we've, moving from basically a northern climate where you have all these different seasons and the winter is really brutal, to now here living in Florida. And just thinking back on how far I've come just in the last couple years since working with him, it's just almost crazy to imagine all the different things that have changed in just a short period of time, and that's what can happen when you have the right principles and the right kind of mentor in place to help you grow. So if you're thinking about working with Sam Ovens, all I can say is, he's the real deal. He knows his stuff, and he's been life-changing to me as a mentor and a teacher, and I couldn't recommend working with him enough.