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  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Security Consulting
  • Location: Coventry, CT, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Jonathan has used his previous experience to leverage his current business and reinvent his service delivery. He is lined up to service a major deal and recommends the Consulting Accelerator if you are looking to make your dreams come true.


Hi this is Johnathan Houk with New Castle Health. I am a Senior Consultant, I've been consulting for 10 years. And the fact is, is that I always thought consulting was consulting. You spent an hour with somebody, they paid your time and that was it. So, building proposals had everything to do with me and my time. But the fact is, that's not what clients want, and through Sam Ovens program, I've actually learned a systematic way of taking all the intellectual property that we've built in our consulting firm, and actually build it into programs that we can sell, and upsell, one step at a time. Sam Ovens program has transformed the way our business works, and the way we focus on delivering to clients. We no longer deliver on an hourly basis, we deliver on programs that actually execute the needs of the clients. We're now currently working on a security program for 138,000 people that need to be compliant with the New York State Law by August of this year. Holy cow! Lots of work. Couldn't do it without Sam Ovens program. Couldn't make this quantum leap in accelerating our program, without Sam Ovens program. I'm looking forward to his next iteration of 2.0, I'm a fan, I believe in it, if you're looking at this video and you want to buy this product, and you want to change the way you do consulting, and you want to have personal growth, and you want to have personal wealth, this is the only system you need to buy, and the only system you need to follow in order to make your dreams come true.