5 Rating:
  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Restaurant
  • Location: Bellevue, WA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Casey is a musician who has a passions for writing, recording and performing music. As you can imagine being a musician can be rather difficult at the start. Casey then learned of Consulting Accelerator where he then decided to put some of his prior business expertise and the course to work. Now Casey is able to do what he loves best and make money from it.


Hey guys, Casey Rabnis from Seattle, Washington. Before coming across Sam's Consulting Accelerator Program, I was in a really, really, really tight spot. In my case I've had the same dream since I was about 14 years old, and for me, that dream is to wake up everyday for the purpose of writing, recording, and performing music. Before Sam's program, I had spent basically a lifetime of having this teeter-totter of trying to find out how can I have this fulfillment and also be financially successful, so I was implementing my entrepreneurial skills at the level at which I could achieve, and then also doing the music and just kind of praying to God that I could find a way to join those. A business that I had built was doing really well, and I thought I had finally found kind of that solution. Then all of a sudden, overnight, things weren't going well. That's when I started looking for new opportunities and I came across Sam's program. All of my previous experience led me to conclude that, "Yeah, this is totally reasonable." Because I had my preexisting business, each time I got a new piece of data from Sam's program, I would say, "Okay how can I implement this in the business I'm doing now for practice?" Even though we're going to be closing this business anyway, so like, "Hey I've learned this new thing, let's try it out." And it worked. And not only did it work, it actually worked better than what Sam had suggested. Once I implemented his script into my preexisting business, I would say it increased my closing ratio with my sales in my preexisting business by close to double, so that's pretty significant. Through the Consulting Accelerator, I was able to identify a way to bring together the thing I want to do for fulfillment that typically doesn't make very much money, mixing it with other things that I'm good at and now well enough and can improve on, to radically increase the value that I can add, and consequently, the price tag that I can receive for doing music-related services. For anyone who is looking into Sam's Consulting Accelerator Program. Would I recommend it? Absolutely. Is it worth the price tag that he puts on it? Absolutely.