5 Rating:
  • Level: 7 Figures
  • Niche: Restaurant
  • Location: Waterford, VA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Joe was able to take his knowledge from his previous agency and use Sam's teachings to create and help run multiple 7-figure businesses.


Hi everyone, Joe Soto here in Waterford, Virginia. That's northern Virginia outside of DC, for those of you who don't know the area. I'm standing here outside of my home, it's a little windy, but I wanted to share my experience really quick with Sam Ovens and the up level consulting program. I joined the program just under a year ago, and I had already had an agency that achieved seven figures, a marketing agency that I started back in 2010. Kind of hit a rut last year and wanted to reinvent myself and the agency. So, inside of this program, while taking it and going through it, we added over 50 new clients to our agency, and started a second agency that focuses on just the restaurant niche, we help restaurants and other businesses in the hospitality niche. Not only are we getting more results, and we've regrown our agency to over seven figures, but we're helping our clients achieve amazing things, and that's really been the most rewarding part of it. I also have another seven figure business out of my home with one employee, it's actually managed and ran by my wife, it's my wife's business, I just help with the marketing. We do all that right here from our house, so that's been amazing. Three years ago, I had invested over $75,000 into a mastermind group that didn't give me one tenth of the value that the up level consulting program has given me. If you're contemplating or are taking a look at this program, or you're looking at any of Sam's courses, I would say you've got to jump on it. It's an easy decision, and it's one I highly recommend and actually am very grateful for. Thanks for listening, that's it.