5 Rating:
  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Skincare Spa
  • Location: San Diego, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Evgeni was finding it very difficult to close his prospects. The program showed him how to get from A-Z in the shortest amount of time and has used the sales script to dramatically increase his sales conversion.


My name is Zack Golden. Hello, my name is Zack Golden. I am from San Diego, California, the sunny San Diego. I'm here to give a testimonial about Sam Ovens' Accelerator Program for existing annual consultants. Before I purchased Sam's program, I was struggling mostly to close the clients. That was my main issue. I'm doing digital marketing. I was great at providing value for my customers but was not able to close them. That was my biggest struggle. That was the biggest issue that I was having. I was having a lot of consultations, but I was not making sales. After purchasing Sam's program, I found the most value, I mean the program is great. It's amazing. It shows you how to get from A to Z in the fastest way, without spending a bunch of time learning your ways around it. For me, the best value I got was the sales script. The sales script that Sam provides is absolute gold. I was able to drastically, dramatically increase my sales, my closing rates. I feel confident going into the conversation or consultation with my potential client and I feel that I'm in control of closing the sale if I follow the sales script to the T. That's where I found the best value. By itself, the sales script worth the investment. You will tremendously increase your closing percentage. After going through Sam's program, I did find couple of things that I was able to implement in my business. The mindset episode is very important. You must put your time and effort into the mindset and go over that particular module couple of times. Overall, I am extremely happy that I invested in Sam's program. Just the sales pitch, by itself, paid for the investment times and times over. Many, many, many things I was able to find in the program that I somehow knew from before, but they were able to give me a clear understanding. The mindset, and I highly recommend it. Don't think twice. If you want to become a consultant, a master, a shark, it's a must program. Otherwise, you'll be just flapping around and not really making the best you can be. Thank you very much Sam. I appreciate everything that you did for us and the community, and for me personally. My family thanks you as well. Thank you so much.