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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Wellness
  • Location: New York, NY, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Julia found that the program helped her stay focused and keep structure in her life. She began seeing breakthroughs with her mindset and attests that the program has changed her life. She recommends the program to others.


Hi there. This is from New York. I'm very excited to shoot this video to talk about the Consulting Accelerator. I started it, I would say, last year in mid September 16. I was very excited but I was first attracted by it because I saw it was a very structured program and knowing myself, I need a lot of structure. Every week, I need to know what I'm going to tackle each week. How to program a structure really helped me to keep my focus and really be concentrated throughout the program. I would say, initially, I thought that my biggest breakthrough would be maybe to learn how to better sell myself or how to better position myself in the market. I think, though, throughout the program realized the biggest ... My biggest concern and also my biggest breakthrough then was really my mindset. When I started program, I had a specific idea on myself and especially on my sale skills and also how I perceive myself and I feel like the program really helps you to start with a blank page and really ... Who do you want to be? Just choose whatever you want to be and then the program really helps you to focus on those things and those skills and then it carries throughout until you reach that stage. For me, really, that as the breakthrough. Really, all the work that I did on my mindset and that through Sam's slides and very structured framework and all the exercises I had to do, especially affirmations, and then the daily practices that I set, it really helped me to just see that I can turn into whatever I want to be, and this then, of course, changed my life. I definitely would recommend this program. Especially for people that haven't figured out yet what they want to do. Especially for also those that struggle with their mindset and struggle with their mind because our mind could be the biggest prison or could be the biggest obstacle in our every day success, and once we tackle that there is no limit to your success in whatever aspect of your life you may choose. Yeah. I think that's it.