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  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Binge Eating
  • Location: Miami, Florida, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining the program, Brittany had her energy invested across multiple offerings, finding herself scattered in the variety of products and services that she was delivering. Upon joining, Brittany was able to gain lazer like focus and streamline her energy into a single and very specific offering. She is now generating just shy of $30k/ month with her consulting business.


Hey, Sam. I got to try to get it to focus on me, so it doesn't blur me out and focus on the background. Okay. Hi. I'm Brittany Brown, founder of, and I just want to share a little bit about the success I've had using Sam Ovens Coaching and Training. When I reached out to Sam, my business had actually dropped a bit. I was a little scattered in my offerings. I was offering retreats and private coaching and an online group coaching that I hadn't launched yet. I was confused about how to launch it and how to market it and so forth, and just on the strategy call alone, he streamlined everything for me. Just literally taking what I learn on the strategy call, I rapidly increased my business and streamlined everything into a single offering that was very niched, very specific, and very easy for my potential clients to take action on. Once I saw those results, I started working with Sam right away. I haven't actually applied everything I've learned because I had to slow down, because the progress was fast, and hire someone to help me. I haven't even gone live with Facebook ads yet. Everything's been completely organic and haven't even gone live with my funnel. Just using the strategy call knowledge and probably the first 50 to 60% of what he's taught me and the training, my business has went, it's pretty much six times itself to about just shy of $30,000 a month. I got to hire an employee, which I'm really exited about, and she's amazing. We are going fully put our mission out into the world, and I'm super excited to be a part of Sam's 100K Club pretty soon once I go live with the ads and my funnel. Just so you know, if you are a coach or consultant looking to grow your business with very, very, very qualified leads and the type of people that you actually want to work with and the types that are a great fit for your product that you can really help and make a difference with, then his training is the training for you. He goes out of his way to be available for questions. It is a done for your system. You do have to do the work but everything is plug and play, even the down to the smallest things, how you should set your schedule and put the time slots. Every question you could possibly ask is answered when you're building up a funnel, and if for some reason you need extra support, he'll go out and find someone that can do it. For example, he has someone that can help with Facebook ads. There's no questions about it. If you are a coach or consultant looking to grow your business, I 100% hands down recommend working with Sam. I'm going to continue my journey with him and I can't wait to see where it takes me. Thank you so much, Sam. It's been awesome so far. Schedule your call or work with Sam right away. He's awesome, super helpful, and very, very, very committed to your outcome. If you're putting in the work, he meets you and gets you everything you need for success. Thanks, Sam. Bye.