5 Rating:
  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Hockey Coaching
  • Location: Vancouver, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before Consulting Accelerator, Jason describes his situation as "alright" and felt he was guessing and hoping when it came to making decisions. He found the program's information was game-changing for his business and it was systematized. After, he had more confidence in his execution and focus to get results. He has made $300k so far with the program. He recommends it for any business owner and their staff.


Hi there, my name is Jason Yee, and I live in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. I am a hockey coach, so I consult in that way, and then I also help students get scholarships to pay for their education. Before Sam Ovens consulting accelerator I was doing all right, but I was really guessing at a lot of tactics. I was guessing at a lot of things that I was hoping would make a difference. I really had to like patch together a lot of strategies from a lot of other people, and things were sort of working, but I knew they weren't what they could be. And so, when I came, I really actually bought the consulting accelerator pretty much for the Facebook ads, at least that's how I got buy in from my business partner. But I went through the whole thing, and it was absolutely incredible. A lot of the information was absolutely game changing. And what counts about that information isn't so much that it was brand new information, it was that it was structured in a way that works, for lack of a better term. It was structured in a way that worked obviously for Sam, has worked for his clients, and then it worked for me. And what I got out of, or after the consulting accelerator was a ton more confidence in my execution. I didn't have to chase a whole bunch of different things. I could just like focus on the thing that worked and Sam gave it to me. Sam was just like, here's what works. So I would do that and then it worked for me. So for me my hockey coaching business did its first year of six figures, so I did just over $100,000 with that first year ever, and that was after the consulting accelerator, and then within like a couple months, the scholarship business that we had, which was making about $10,000 to $15,000 a month shot up to $50,000 then $55,000 a month. And that was after doing the course. So that was huge for us it gave us a lot of financial freedom, it also gave us this opportunity to like really invest back into the business and create a much bigger difference for the people that we're working with. So if you are a business owner, and it actually doesn't matter if you're a consulting business owner, because you can probably figure out a way to take the lessons learned in this course, and have it apply to you. But if you're a business owner, I think this course is absolutely critical for you to really understand business at a deep level, and then also to operate that in today's world where there's a lot of distractions, where there is technology that you can leverage, and where people are often very confused. So I really recommend this for any business owner, and even operators within it. Like a lot of our staff, they use the resources that Sam provides like our sales staff, they use the resources that Sam provided. So it's just like this huge resource for you, and if it's a bit of a stretch financially for you, even better. Because like I said you've probably paid for books that are maybe like $10, $20, that give you similar information, but until you actually like invest in yourself and in the information it put skin in the game it puts it on the line so that you actually go and execute that. And there was definitely some new information for me, but then there was also stuff that was stuff that maybe I'd heard before, and him presenting it in a way that worked and me investing in it led me to execute on it like 100%, and I got the results from it. And I really think that like if you're following through on this, you're going to get those results too. No matter what industry you're in and whether you're a consultant or not. I really believe that, because I've seen what it's done for two very different businesses. Hockey coaching and getting scholarships for students, they couldn't be more different. So thanks for watching this testimonial, I hope it helps you make your choice on this, and yeah, thanks for watching and best of luck with what you're doing.